Conference Schedule/Program

The 2018 Capital of Texas Conference
will feature the following speakers

Friday Night – Sammie G. – Virginia
Saturday Morning – Tom U. & Juanita U. – New Mexico
Saturday Night – Karl M. – California
Sunday Morning – Brenda J. – Texas

Plus, don’t forget the

Sober Musical and Banquet!

We are excited to announce a new production for this year’s banquet entertainment. The sober musical, “The Committee”, is written, produced, directed, and performed by members of our fellowship! The performance is included with the purchase of the Banquet. Enjoy dinner and a show!

We’ll be having workshops
throughout the whole conference

Friday Evening – 6:15 – 7:30

Lack of Power – Cedric
On Awakening – Steve H. & Kathie H.
How and Why of it – Dana B.
Spiritual Disciplines, Twelve Steps with Katie P. & Charlie P.
I Have Choices – with Ilene F. & Kim C. (Al-Anon)
What is YPAA – Courtney H, Blahr H. & Jaffer C.

Saturday Morning – 8:15 – 9:30

Resentment is the Number One Offender – Chuck B.
Unity. Service. Recovery – Kelly H. & Edie H.
Spiritual Toolkit – Marcella D. & Bill H.
Second Surrender, Twelve Steps with Katie P. & Charlie P.
Growing Up in the Alcoholic Home – Martha P. & Renee P. (Al-Anon)
Financial Amends – Miguel R, Tommy C, & Erica M.

Saturday Afternoon – 1:00 – 2:15

Sex Inventory (Women) – Tina H.
Sex Inventory (Men) – Herb E.
Insist on Enjoying Life – Mark G. & Sammy G.
Getting Unblocked – Twelve Steps with Katie P. & Charlie P.
Spirituality & Awakening – Don H. & Craig D. (Al-Anon)

Saturday Afternoon – 2:45 – 4:00

Sponsorship (Women) – Evelyn P.
Sponsorship (Men) – Eric B.
Fellowship of the Spirit – Blind Dave & Norma R.
Spiritual Principles in Relationships – Marsha S. & Jonathan S.
Loving the Alcoholic in My Life – Kathy J. & Kim C. (Al-Anon)

Sunday Morning – 8:30 – 9:45

Practicing These Principles in All Our Affairs – Frank P.
Service and Traditions – Jason I. & Solis R.
Cease Fighting – Jason W. & DJ
How big is this onion? Twelve Steps with Katie P. & Charlie P.
Parents of Alcoholics – Cynthia S. & Beth C. (Al-Anon)
“A Vision for You” Art Gallery

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